AI & ASI Expo London 2021

Plan Artificial Intelligence & Superintelligence Roadmaps for Economic Sectors’ Success

10 March 2021, London

Venue: London Marriott Hotel Regents Park

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AI & ASI Expo London 2021


If machine brains one day come to surpass human brains in general intelligence, what will be next. The role of Artificial Intelligence techniques and tools in business and the global economy is a hot topic. Artificial Intelligence / machine intelligence enhances the productivity of the businesses and the quality of life in their communities. A single day does not go by without a news and article reporting some remarkable development in artificial intelligence. Today, as no global business survives without using the internet, email, or smart devices. In the upcoming time, no business will survive without AI tools and techniques in their day-to-day process. To maintain a leadership position in the economic sectors, there is need to build an AI- ready culture in the business.


“The global artificial intelligence (AI) market size was USD 20.67 Billion in 2018 is projected to reach USD 202.57 Billion by 2026, exhibiting a CAGR of 33.1% during the forecast period” (Fortune Business Insight). Nowadays, companies are struggling to figure out what types of AI applications and how much they need to invest in AI for the growth of their businesses.

With the amazing progress made in the field of AI over the last decade, it is the most important than ever to make sure that the technology that we are developing has a beneficial impact on humanity. In this regard, Artificial Superintelligence [ASI] marks the beginning of a new era. “ASI’s aim is to capture enough of the computationally functional properties of the human brain to enable the resultant emulation to perform intellectual work” (Nick Bostrom). We should consider and discuss role of ASI in economic sectors as well, that is one of humanity’s greatest challenges in future. Will super-human machines be good or bad for humanity?, while no one can predict what superintelligence will look like, we can take measures today to increase likelihood that intelligent systems we build are effective, ethical and elevate human goals and values positively.

This conference will focus on the latest and exciting innovations in all areas of Artificial Intelligence and the functionalities that Artificial Superintelligence could develop.

Here is a bit flavor of topics to be covered:

  • How to develop an Enterprise AI Strategy

  • How to design AI Powered Products and Services for human benefits

  • Need to build ethical and responsible AI Technologies

  • How to ensure robust implementation, integration and deployment of AI technologies

  • AI Applications in Business

  • From scripted automation to superhuman intelligence

  • Cognitive Superpowers

  • Functional capabilities of different levels of artificial intelligence and artificial superintelligence

  • AI and ASI Strategy Framework

  • Are super machines threat to humanity

  • Human-level machine intelligence – super human level machine intelligence

Who will attend?

CEO, CTO, COO, Data Scientists, Business Development, Business Analysts, AI Scientists & Researchers, Programmers, Developers, R&D Scientists.

Why Should Attend This?

After attending this conference, you will learn latest AI approaches that drive your business to success. You will understand, how to plan superintelligence roadmaps for human safety as the risk from superintelligence is large enough and this is the right time that society should start thinking about ways to develop future machine intelligence with positive values.

If you are interested to improve your business via AI technologies and are concerned to make a safer technological planet for future, then this conference is the perfect to attend.

Mission of AI and ASI Expo:


Cubent’s mission is to enhance awareness of Artificial Intelligence and Artificial Superintelligence for better and safer human future. SuperIntelligent machines are a couple of decades away that will reshape the world in positive and negative way. There is need to focus on Artificial Intelligence and Superintelligence paths that will be for human benefits. We publish the blogs ( on this topic and organise a conference at which the public can interact with leading AI and ASI experts.


Speakers' Profile

Name: Magda Piatkowsk

Title: Head of Data Science Solution

Organization: BBC

Name: Ismail Yildiz

Title: Lead Data Scientist

Organization: Turkcell

CV: Certified Data Professional striving to develop skill set as a pioneer and expert in the area of Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Analytics and Data Monetization. Hands-on experience in all stages of data analysis projects starting from data collection, data quality evaluation to modelling, tuning, and deployment. Extensive knowhow of machine learning algorithms, image/video processing, text analytics and location analytics. 13+ years of professional experience in delivering Data Analytics projects. During this experience, completed 70+ end-to-end data projects so far.
Frequent public speaker in various international and national conferences as subject matter expert.
Written two academic papers published in the area of experience scoring.

Name: Tim Bond

Title: Head of Insight Data & Marketing

Organization: Association

CV: A social scientist by training and a communications professional by trade, Tim now combines these two fields in his role within the DMA. He has an MA in Sociology from Aberdeen University and over the last decade, he has continued to utilise this social sciences background to develop research campaigns across a range of sectors. A key part of his role at the DMA is developing actionable insight for the data-driven marketing industry, which also supports the association’s core belief in putting the customer first and leading the business sector in creativity and innovation.

Name: Jair Ribeiro

Title: Senior AI Business Analyst

Organization: Volvo Group

Name: Duncan McCann

Title: Senior Researcher

Organization: New Economics Foundation / City, University of London

CV: Duncan McCann is a Senior Researcher at the New Economics Foundation & Research Fellow at City, University of London. He currently works in the digital economy and looks at the impact of data and future of work. He also works on rethinking money, land & housing crisis and Social Wealth Funds. He works with communities as building the knowledge and local currencies. Duncan is co-author of “People Powered Money” and lead researcher on “Rethinking the Economics of Housing & Land” and is about to publish paper “People’s Land Trust”.

Name: Shuai Yuan

Title: VP of Data Science

Organization: MediaGamma Ltd

Name: Hatem Hajri

Title: Senior Research Scientist

Organization: Institut de recherche technologique SystemX

CV: Hatem Hajri is a Senior Research Scientist at IRT SystemX, where he mainly works on robustness and adversarial attacks of artificial intelligence-based systems. Previously, he held three teaching and research positions as University Paris 10, Luxembourg University, and University of Bordeaux, where he worked on various problems of stochastic analysis and graphical models, and at the VeDeCoM Institute at Versailles, France, where he conducted research on autonomous driving. He earned the French agrégation of mathematics and his MS and PhD degrees in applied mathematics at Paris Sud University, France.



Programme is Developing

Title: TBA

Magda Piatkowska, Head of Data Science Solutions, BBC

Abstract:  TBA

Title: Real-Life Revenue Generating Image/Video Processing Use Cases in Telco Sector

Ismail Yildiz, Lead Data Scientist, Turkcell



Image/Video processing is the most popular area in AI world.Since AI capabilities are developing so fast, impossible ideas in the past became feasible to implement. In the last 2 years, we have implemented many image/video processing projects in order to increase revenue or cost saving. Examples include but not limited with Pasaport Fraud Detection,Video Voting,Face Authentication, Car Park Slot Suggestion,Photo Social Media Tag Recommendation,Emotion Analysis,Recruitment Scoring on Video Resumes,etc.Most important thing regarding projects is, they are already in production generating revenue. If you want to generate revenue or achieve saving on current costs in Telco sector and mobile technologies, this session will be very helpful on learning real-life trusted scenarios varying from fraud to social media.


Title: New Technologies and the Importance of Never Losing Sight of Humanity

Tim Bond, Head of Insight, Data & Marketing Association 


The world we live and work in continues to evolve. New technologies are changing the way businesses operate and engage customers, but excitement over the new shouldn't distract from the importance of putting people at the heart of every decision. The most successful brands put excellent customer engagement at the heart of everything they do, so what does the future look like? This presentation will discuss the DMA's 'Future Trends 2020' research findings into the relationship between brands and customers, while also discussing the key to success: Putting the customer first.

Title: Need to Build Ethical and Responsible AI Technologies

Jair Ribeiro, Senior AI Business Analyst, Volvo Group

Abstract:  TBA

Title: “Human Centred Perspective on the Pros and Cons of Developments in AI”

Duncan McCann, Senior Researcher, New Economics Foundation / City, University of London

Abstract:  TBA

Title: TBA

Shuai Yuan, VP of Data Science, MediaGamma Ltd

Abstract:  TBA

Title: Trustworthy Machine Learning

Hatem Hajri, Senior Research Scientist, Institut de recherche technologique SystemX

Abstract:  TBA


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AI & ASI Expo London 2021
Mar 10, 2021, 9:00 AM GMT
London Marriott Hotel Regents Park

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